Video Services

Corporate Film Projects

Short, On-brand, Story-driven & Entertaining Content Packages Available.

We understand the importance of brand personality & representation in 2023.

We tailor packages to your business, while working closely with our client’s vision.

Get in touch today to find out our current price rates.

Wedding Films

We offer a wide range of video packages to suit your special day.

We understand that all couples have different ways that they want to look back at their special day, so we’ve designed our packages with the ability to tailor them around our clients.

Get in touch today to find out our current packages and pricing.

Event Videography

We have all the angles covered for your event. With wireless microphone options, to multi-camera coverage, we can cater for all your event’s requirements.

We have an expandable team to make sure your event gets the attention to detail that it deserves.

Marketing Videography

We offer various different packages for your brand, to suit your business and target market.

People make an almost instant decision on whether content is relevant to them. 

Our brains process information 60,000 times faster by image than by text.

People naturally tend to view a video to learn about your company rather than reading text blocks.

Videos allow you to make the best pitch for your product/service before people click off your site.

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Real Estate Films

What better way to showcase a property than a cinematic showcase? 

We know how important visual representation is for sales, so we make sure to cover several angles from each room.

We highlight all of the main features, focusing on the attention to detail. We incorporate the wider aesthetics of the property and how each room complements the overall theme.

Our unique selling point is that we create an almost personality-like  representation of the property through the use of video montage. 

We believe that all designs tell a story. We do our best to conceptualise the character within the design of the property and portray it through short form video. This gives the viewer something to feel after they view the video.

Instagram Videography

Reels (Couples): With social media now being the most common way to share experiences with friends and family, we tailor our packages with this in mind. You can get in touch with us today to help you share your magical Cayman experience in the most creative way that’s trending.

Private Projects

We cater for all kinds of unique events and private projects. From Behind-the-scenes footage to boat charters, we have you covered.

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Video Editing Services

We know all too well that some projects require external assistance.

Our team member Célem is very experienced in video editing and is available to contract for film projects.

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Reviews & Testimonials

"Perfectly captures the action"
"Perfectly captures the action"
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Caroline has been photographing my sons' sports teams for many years. I love the way that she perfectly captures the action and the emotion of the moment.
"Like re-living the event"
"Like re-living the event"
Read More
Caroline has many years' experience of documenting sports in the Cayman Islands. Viewing her pictures is like reliving the event. She's provided our sports team with a fantastic record of our triumphs, disappointments and progress