Célem Deegan

Hi, my name is Célem.
I am a filmmaker & photographer with a deep passion for visual storytelling.
I grew up with verbal storytelling at the front and centre of my childhood.
From education to socialising, the only thing that truly interested me was the telling of a story, which would ignite my imagination.
My early discovery of story being a driving force behind good communication motivated my dedication towards film and in turn directed my interest towards brand communication through visual storytelling.
In 2017, I graduated with a degree in Multimedia Production, receiving all distinctions from Waterford College of Further Education.
In 2021, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts honours degree in Film & Screen Media with Economics from University College Cork (UCC).
I was awarded two scholarships while studying at UCC.
In 2019, I was awarded a place on the first Student Business Incubator Program in my university. I completed an intensive entrepreneurship program over three months.
In 2021, I was awarded a place within the prestigious Lord Puttnam Scholarship Program. David Puttnam is a legendary film producer, best known for producing Chariots of Fire. His films have won 10 Oscars, 13 Golden Globes, 31 Baftas, 9 Emmys, 4 David di Donatellos and the Palme D’Or at Cannes.
I was keen to expand my knowledge of storytelling in different forms, so I studied Marketing, Public Relations, Radio & Podcast and TV Production modules in Leeds Trinity University in the UK for one year.
I discovered that film as a medium of expression enables the storyteller to take the audience on a journey of discovery and understanding, from complex stories and scenarios, it allows us the ability to share experiences within complex scenarios.

Since 2017, I have been practicing and refining my craft full-time, producing Wedding Films, Fashion Brand Films, Social Media Videos and Video Journalism.

In recent years, Social Media has evolved to embrace video content and not just the still image. Even more recently, Instagram have refocused their content towards pushing video more than anything, following lead from TikTok.

Brands and individuals are now adapting to this new demand in a fast paced and growing virtual world.

celem deegan filmmaker and photographer

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